Ultra-fresh greens from Luxembourg
Fitotech Hydroponics
Innovative technologies
We have reinvented agriculture to grow the tastiest, most sustainable foods - for everyone.
Fitotech Hydroponics
Creating ecologically clean and efficient systems with a minimum carbon footprint for the production of affordable and healthy food.
Hight Quality
Our products are grown in ideal conditions. Greens cut off immediately, upon reaching full maturity, and immediately sent to clients.
Store products
We harvest plants at the peak of their maturity and ship immediately. We recommend storing our products in the refrigerator for no more than 7 days.
We create ideal climatic conditions for each plant (temperature, humidity, light ...). Therefore, they grow all year round, do not face external factors.
We are trying to combine sustainable packaging, perfect preservation and good product visibility. Now our packaging is made of either cardboard or recyclable PET 1 plastic.
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Cultivation of plants from seed to harvesting age without loose substrates and fillers in uneven age conveyor sowing with a variable age-depending gap between plants, which ensures effective capture of light energy from artificial light sources by crop.


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